News-Archive 2021

Publication "Legitimation und Mobilisierung in dschihadistischen Texten" (Ger)

Apr 06, 2021

How can violent jihad in the name of religion be justified? Jihadist authors also grapple with this question. In doing so, they pursue the goal of legitimizing their actions on the basis of the sharia and of winning further followers for their struggle. Based on selected Arabic-language sources, this Islamic studies study analyzes in detail the jihadist jurisprudential argumentation for jihad.

Petra Nendwich's publication is part of our series: ISPK-Studien zur Terrorismusforschung (Volume 2).

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Webinar "Europe and the Geopolitical Dynamic in the Arctic" (GER)

Feb 04, 2021

The upcoming CASSIS webinar adresses the question: "What can, what wants, what should the EU do in the Far North?" For the first time in cooperation with the ISPK. It will take place on February 25th, 2021 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. One of the speakers is our non-resident Senior Fellow Dr. Joachim Weber, who, meanwhile at CASSIS, initiated the cooperation. 

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Comment "Das war´s. War´s das?" (GER)

Mar 01, 2021

Dr. Sebastian Bruns sums up the year 2020 from a maritime perspective in his commentary for the Marine Forum. He urges that the right conclusions be drawn from the past year, especially when it comes to the Navy's procurement programs, which are in the light of many changes, not only from Corona but also from the super election year and the change in the top leadership of the German Navy.  


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Video "Europa und die geopolitische Dynamik in der Arktis" (GER)

Mar 02, 2021

The question: "What can, what does the EU want, what should it do in the High North?" was the topic of the CASSIS webinar in cooperation with the ISPK. In the meantime, the recording of the conversation can be found on Youtube.

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Publication "Die Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik der Republik Armenien" (GER)

Feb 25, 2021

The new publication by Dr. Stefan Hansen "Die Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik der Republik Armenien. Komplementäre Entscheidungen in systematischer Konkurrenz zwischen Ost und West" will be published by NOMOS shortly. It discusses the foreign and security policy of Armenia.



Presentation at the Greek Naval Academy

Apr 14, 2021

Dr. Sebastian Bruns lectured to cadets, soldiers and professors on the topic of the German Navy - history, missions, problems and opportunities - on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, as part of a high-quality international lecture series at the Greek Naval Academy.


Seminar Series "Americas Series"

Mar 09, 2021

The seminar series "Americas Series" deals with maritime topics from the perspective of American countries. In a total of five online seminars, two speakers each speak, followed by a Q&A. The sessions are moderated by Dr. Sebastian Bruns, head of the Center for Maritime Strategy and Security.  

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The Sessions are being recorded and you will be able to watch them on our Youtube channel.  



Cover Jahrbuch Terrorismus

Jahrbuch Terrorismus

Das Jahrbuch enthält eine umfangreiche Datensammlung sowie Analysen zu terroristischen Brennpunkten.

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Cover The Decline of European Naval Forcest

Conceptualizing Naval and Maritime Strategy

This book brings together experts from the United States, Europe, and Asia to reflect on how maritime and naval strategy is conceptualised and how it has been used.

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Cover Assessing Chinas...

Assessing China's Naval Power

Technological Innovation, Economic Constraints, and Strategic Implications.

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Cover Stabilisierungseinsaetze

Stabilisierungseinsätze als gesamtstaatliche Aufgabe

Erfahrungen und Lehren aus dem deutschen Afghanistaneinsatz zwischen Staatsaufbau und Aufstandsbewältigung (COIN).

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