Kiel Conference 2016

Cool Dispassion or Hot Button Topic – The High North

In cooperation with the COE CSW, the ISPK organized the second Kiel Conference in 2016. This year’s conference was titled: Cool Dispassion or Hot Button Topic – The High North. The Kiel Conference 2016 took a focused view on the High North through the prism of maritime security, rather than duplicating the numerous international Arctic conferences already held in many other countries. 

Similar to the first conference in 2015, this years’ Kiel Conference hosted more than 80 national and international participants. Panelists were, among others, key note speaker Vice Admiral (RN) Clive CC Johnstone, Commander NATO Allied Maritime Command, Dr. Rasmus Gjedssø Bertelsen and Dr. Kristian Åtland, Senior Fellow at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI).




Vice Admiral (RN) Clive CC Johnstone

Dr Kristian Åtland

Dr. Kristian Åtland

Maritime Security Challenges in the High North

Once again, the conference was structured in three panels.

The first panel offered ecological and economic perspectives with a focus on exploration and shipping. Increased accessibility of natural resources and shipping lanes are creating new economic opportunities, which, in turn, create new challenges for maritime security. 

The second panel brought together thinkers and practitioners of naval strategy who assessed the Arctic’s position in military-strategic terms of seapower.

The final panel dealt with diplomatic and political tools to prevent conflict in the High North, especially with regard to existing frameworks and regimes. The aim of the panels was to shape a holistic picture of current and emerging trends and mechanisms pertaining to maritime security in the High North – and beyond. A keynote speech at the beginning of the conference and a keynote discussion to wrap up the event complemented the one-day program.

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The proceedings and documentations of Kiel Conference 2016 as well as documents of subsequent conferences are provided at Proceedings.

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