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The Center for Maritime Strategy & Security (CMSS) is continental Europe'sleading provider of topical knowledge on global maritime security issues. With the Kiel Seapower Series we have established a forum that brings together international thought leaders to discuss the most pressing security challenges the maritime community faces today. The CMSS serves as a nexus for the maritime academic community and aims to support and encourage young scholars to offer new insights, fresh ideas, and novel approaches on how to tackle the maritime questions of tomorrow. We are regular contributors to the international naval and security policy discourse, to national and international conferences and publish frequently monographs, edited volumes, articles and commentaries.

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Kiel International Seapower Symposium

Baltic Sea Strategy Forum


Kiel Seapower Series

Building on a series of successful maritime security conferences since 2013, the ISPK has decided to establish a designated international forum to discuss maritime security challenges and the roles and missions of naval forces in the 21st century: The Kiel Seapower Series.

Kiel Seapower Series

All events under this series will offer a forum where experts can openly discuss pressing maritime security issues and thus raise awareness to the opportunities and challenges of seapower in a comprehensive fashion. Sensing that the maritime domain remains an opaque area for policy-makers, scientists, and naval officers alike, the series aims to foster dialogue among maritime professionals from diverse, but strategic backgrounds. Ultimately, the series also seeks to create momentum within the community of interest to reach out to a broader audience and make the case for the importance of seapower and the need for further research and discussion on these matters. The series' logo, a trident and a pen, demonstrates our ambitions. Each event marries academic excellence to carefully articulated naval thought anchored in intellectual excellence. It is driven by the conviction that shared knowledge is empowerment.

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Kiel International Seapower Symposium

The Kiel International Seapower Symposium (KISS) is a one-day international conference held during Kiel Week, Northern Europe's largest annual maritime festival and a traditional naval event. The symposium's objective is to discuss current matters pertaining to seapower, which is broadly understood as a broad set of maritime issues and those naval, commercial, and policy implications stemming from it.

KISS will complement the Kiel Week with a long-desired international strategic event that will draw international expertise to the city. Moreover, it will contribute to Germany's increasingly important role in Europe and the NATO Alliance. The symposium is an opportunity to meet thought leaders as well as to articulate and critically discuss novel naval / maritime ideas. The event builds on a string of similar conferences. It draws on Kiel's rich maritime and naval heritage: as a naval base; a renowned port city; home to leading submarine technology, maritime strategic research, and oceanographic expertise; and as the namesake to the busiest artificial waterway in the world, the Kiel Canal.


Baltic Sea Strategy Forum

The Baltic Sea Strategy Forum offers opportunities for academics, policy-makers and military representatives to engage in dialogue on the multi-faceted maritime security challenges of a region marked by current challenges to the rules-based order.

Logo Baltic Sea Strategy Forum

The series of workshops and symposia aims to shed light on the role of the maritime domain in its current political and military development, broader geopolitical implications, recognising the risks to the interests of states large and small but also the international political system as a whole. The programme offers ample networking opportunities as well as room for participants' interaction with the speakers.

The inaugural Baltic Sea Strategy Forum was held in Vaasa, Finland, on 30 November 2017. It was followed by the BSSF18 in Copenhagen on 27 September 2018. The next Baltic Sea Strategy Forum will be held in Kiel, Germany, in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The Baltic Sea Strategy Forum series connects to "Kiel Conference 2015: Baltic Sea Focus", an international maritime security conference that ISPK organized together with the Kiel-based Centre of Excellence for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters (COE CSW).

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Jahrbuch Terrorismus

Das Jahrbuch enthält eine umfangreiche Datensammlung sowie Analysen zu terroristischen Brennpunkten.

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Assessing China's Naval Power

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Maritime Security in the Eastern Mediterranean

Kiel International Seapower Symposium 2017.
This book provides fresh perspectives on the geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean and its geoeconomics

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