Roger Hilton, M.A.I.S.

Non-Resident Academic Fellow

Short CV and publications

Research interests

  • Transatlantic affairs
  • Post-Soviet sphere







  • “Brewing Transatlantic Tea: The Future Prospects between NATO and Turkey”, Review of European & Transatlantic Affairs, Vol.2, No. 2 (2017), 160- 182
  • “NATO’s New Mentality: Cultured Warriros”, Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft, November 15th, 2016
  • “Shifting the Sands of the Transatlantic Bond”, Atlantic Treaty Association, Vol.6, No.10 (2016), 2-5
  • “Welcoming a Caucasian Guest to the Alliance?”, Atlantic Treaty Association, Vol.6, No.7 (2016), 6 - 11


Conference Attendance




  • ISPK's Sebastian Bruns is co-editor of "Maritime Security" (german title: Maritime Sicherheit). The volume extensively covers maritime issues in Strategic Studies, e.g. piracy, littoral warfare and naval doctrine development.


  • ISPK's Academic Director Joachim Krause is co-editor of "Afghanistan, Pakistan and Strategic Change". The volume covers strategic trends in the region and provides in-depth analysis of past and presents possibilities of western involvement in Afghanistan and the regional theater.


  • ISPK's Joachim Krause is co-editor of this volume about effective international cooperation. Contributors analyse and discuss possible future avenues of possible effective, multilateral cooperation between international organisations in different policy areas and regions.