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Yearbook Terrorism

Database "Terrorist Attacks Worldwide" and Yearly Volume "Terrorism Yearbook" (german: Jahrbuch Terrorismus)

Cover Jahrbuch Terrorismus 2015

With the September 11, 2001 attacks the phenomenon of terrorism eventually became one of the focus points of security policy.

It was against this backdrop that the ISPK started the research project “Terrorism Yearbook” in 2006. The “Terrorism Yearbook” aims at analyzing the terrorist threat in all its forms, pointing out trends and reflecting on policy measures with scientific validity and reliability, all while maintaining independence from the sentiments and hastiness of day-to-day politics.

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International Relations: Multilateralism

The EU, UN and and Collective Security - Making Multilateralism EffektiveEU_UN_Multi

ISPK's Joachim Krause is co-editor of this volume. It discusses avenues for effective multilateral cooperation between international organizations for improved collective security.

The volume draws upon both theoretical and empirical research to answer the following core questions: 

  • What are the reasons that have made multilateralism either effective or ineffective in the field of peacekeeping, peace preservation and peacebuilding?
  • How can multilateralism be made more effective?
  • How can attempts made by Europe to render UN multilateralism in the security area more efficient be assessed?

Strategic Studies: Maritime Security

Edited volume: "Maritime Sicherheit"Maritime Security


ISPK's Sebastian Bruns is co-editor of "Maritime Sicherheit". 

The volume covers current issues in Maritime Security, e.g. doctrinal development and history, littoral warfare, modern piracy and in-depth case studies of Naval strategy. 

Author's contributions are both theory-guided expositions as well as detailed case-studies about naval warfare theaters. Bruns has contributed a chapter on U.S. naval strategy and doctrine.

Strategic Studies: Afpak Region

Afghanistan, Pakistan and Strategic Change. Adjusting Western Regional PolicyAfpak cover

The volume Afghanistan, Pakistan and Strategic Change. Adjusting Western Regional Policy" has been published by Routledge.Editors are ISPK's Prof. Dr. Joachim Krause and Charles King Mallory IV.

The book adresses three major questions:

  • What has gone wrong with western strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan?
  • Is Pakistan a strategic ally of the west or a strategic problem?
  • What are possible future scenarios and policy options for the region?



Strategic Studies: Nonproliferation

Iran's Nuclear Programme - Strategic ImplicationsIran Krause

ISPK's Academic Director Prof. Dr. Joachim Krause has edited "Iran's Nuclear Programme - Strategic Implications"; Routledge has published it as both hardcover and paperback.

Core research questions are:

  • How o assess the strategic relevance of the tIranian nuclear programme ?
  • How far from a nuclear weapons capability is Iran?
  • How should we assess the role of diplomacy and sanctions?
  • How to assess the possibility of military action?
  • What if - how to cope with a nuclear Iran?


Monography Series

German Strategic StudiesSchreer The Howard Doctrine


Since 2007, ISPK regularly publishes research monographs in its new series "German Strategic Studies" with Peter Lang publishers. 

The volumes are book-length analysis written by ISPK's research staff. Topics include international relations, international security, naval strategy and doctrine development, energy security and regional case studies.

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Monography Series

Kiel Political Science Studies Series

Witt Dissertation

As Part of Kiel University's Political Science Department, ISPK research staff publish their monographs in the department's series (german: Kieler Schriften zur Politischen Wissenschaft).

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Cover Jahrbuch Terrorismus

Jahrbuch Terrorismus

Das Jahrbuch enthält eine umfangreiche Datensammlung sowie Analysen zu terroristischen Brennpunkten.

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Cover Routledge

Routledge Handbook of Naval Strategy and Security

This new handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the issues facing naval strategy and security in the twenty-first century.

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Cover Stabilisierungseinsaetze

Stabilisierungseinsätze als gesamtstaatliche Aufgabe

Erfahrungen und Lehren aus dem deutschen Afghanistaneinsatz zwischen Staatsaufbau und Aufstandsbewältigung (COIN).

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Cover Assessing Chinas...

Assessing China's Naval Power

Technological Innovation, Economic Constraints, and Strategic Implications.

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