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Political Science Portal (german: Portal für Politikwissenschaft, pw-portal) provides free access to an annotated bibliography of Political Science books in the german-speaking scientific community. Read more.

Political Science Portal aims to support scholars and teachers by publishing relevant information about new advances in the field.  More than 100 scholars and university teachers regularly publish their reviews online.

More than 40 000 reviews can be accessed and browsed online through our custom-made political science indexation system. Searches for author names, title and publisher are avaible, too. Political Science Portal thus offers a unique access to the german-speaking political science community.

The Political Science Portal Annotated Bibliography has been published for over 15 years and was until 2010 a regular column in peer-reviewed Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft.


Cover Jahrbuch Terrorismus

Jahrbuch Terrorismus

Das Jahrbuch enthält eine umfangreiche Datensammlung sowie Analysen zu terroristischen Brennpunkten.

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Cover Routledge

Routledge Handbook of Naval Strategy and Security

This new handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the issues facing naval strategy and security in the twenty-first century.

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Cover Assessing Chinas...

Assessing China's Naval Power

Technological Innovation, Economic Constraints, and Strategic Implications.

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Cover Maritime Security Eastern Mediterranean

Maritime Security in the Eastern Mediterranean

Kiel International Seapower Symposium 2017.
This book provides fresh perspectives on the geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean and its geoeconomics

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