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Kiel Conference is designed as an expert forum, which gathers international actors and analysts from the academic, naval, and maritime business communities as well as political decision makers. The goal is to foster and improve the dialogue on maritime security challenges between these stakeholders. Thus, open discussions on current maritime security and strategic issues are at the focus of this young and innovative conference. In 2015, coinciding with Kiel University’s 350th anniversary, the inaugural Kiel Conference took place.


The Institute for Security Policy (ISPK), as a research institute and think tank attached to Kiel University, is fully devoted to the University’s motto "Pax Optima Rerum" (Peace above all else). Unfortunately, recent geopolitical events made clear that peace since the end of Cold War peace today is presently morefragile than ever.

In this context, Germany assumes a special role on the international level as an arbiter of conflict prevention and crisis solution. The ISPK seeks to connect the annual Kiel Conference to this role and furthermore build on it.In the tradition of Kiel’s former mayor Andreas Gayk, who transformed Kiel Week after the devastation of World War II into a festival of international understanding and peace, we seek to reinvigorate the festival’s unique atmosphere of sailing, culture, and peaceful celebration with important political discussions and, thus, make Kiel Conference a part of the official Kiel Week program.




International Forum for Maritime Security Challenges

While the state of Schleswig-Holstein’s capital presents itself to the world as a German and European hub of openness during Kiel Week, we seek to add an international forum on the pressing issues of maritime security. If there is a place for these discussions, it’s Kiel, not least because of its location on the shore of the Baltic Sea.




Cooperation with COE CSW

Kiel Conference is organized in close cooperation with the civil and military experts from the Centre of Excellence for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters (COE CSW) located at Kiel naval base. Thus, Kiel Conference provides new stimuli for international cooperation and dialog and helpstackling(maritime) security challenges of our time. In addition, the Conference improves Kiel’s profile as alocation of excellent exchange and research on maritime security.

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  • ISPK's Sebastian Bruns is co-editor of "Maritime Security" (german title: Maritime Sicherheit). The volume extensively covers maritime issues in Strategic Studies, e.g. piracy, littoral warfare and naval doctrine development.


  • ISPK's Academic Director Joachim Krause is co-editor of "Afghanistan, Pakistan and Strategic Change". The volume covers strategic trends in the region and provides in-depth analysis of past and presents possibilities of western involvement in Afghanistan and the regional theater.


  • ISPK's Joachim Krause is co-editor of this volume about effective international cooperation. Contributors analyse and discuss possible future avenues of possible effective, multilateral cooperation between international organisations in different policy areas and regions.