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Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University
Mission Statement


The Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK) provides research, analysis and commentary on conflicts and strategic issues. 

ISPK is committed to furthering the security policy discourse in Germany and abroad by way of focused, interdisciplinary, policy-oriented research. Moreover, the Institute is involved in the promotion of talented, young academics. Complementing research, publications and teaching, members of the Institute advise decision-makers in government, academia, media and business. ISPK’s main research foci lie in German and European foreign and security policy, international security architecture, nonproliferation of nuclear weapons and disarmament, stabilisation of fragile states, maritime security, and asymmetric challenges such as transnational terrorism.

ISPK Conference with Chatham House in Berlin

Chatham HouseISPK hosted together with Chatham House.The Royal Institute of International Affairs a conference on "Europe's Strategic Choices: Building Prosperity and Security"  in Berlin this October.

A detailed conference report is available here.

ISPK's Joachim Krause at Kiel University's Night of the Profs: "Dreaming about peace and current international affairs"

Night of the Profs.pngISPK's Academic Director Joachim Krause opened this year's Night of the Profs Lecture Circuit with his Keynote Adress about "Dreaming about Peace and current international affairs". (German title: "Der Traum vom Frieden und die derzeitige internationale Lage")

In front of an auditorium of 1200 guests, Joachim Krause put forth his argument: During the last 65 years, the U.S. and Europe have jointly secured a peaceful order on the european continent. However, this international order is threatened by transatlantic as well as intra-european discord. Abroad, developments in Russia and the Middle East challenge the past successes in keeping peace in Europe.

The full lecture (in German) is available online here.

Sebastian Bruns Keynote Speech at Maritime Convention, Berlin
Bruns griphan Conference BerlinOn 5 November 2014, Sebastian Bruns gave a presentation at  this year's Maritime Convention, organized by griphan and the German  Maritime Institute, in Berlin. He was invited to sit on a panel which  also featured Vice Admiral (German Navy, ret.) Lutz Feldt and Captain  (Royal Swedisch Navy, ret.) Bo Wallander. It was moderated by Heinz  Schulte, editor of griphan. 140 participants, including the new Chief of  German Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Andreas Krause, and his deputy, Vice  Admiral Rainer Brinkmann, attended the speech.
(Photo: Jürgen Kratzmann / Marineforum)



ISPK's Yearbook on Terrorism contains an extensive data collection on terrorist incidents around the globe as well as in-depth analysis on regional terrorist campaigns and counterterrorism.


ISPK's Sebastian Bruns is co-editor of "Maritime Security" (german title: Maritime Sicherheit). The volume extensively covers maritime issues in Strategic Studies, e.g. piracy, littoral warfare and naval doctrine development.


ISPK's Academic Director Joachim Krause is co-editor of "Afghanistan, Pakistan and Strategic Change". The volume covers strategic trends in the region and provides in-depth analysis of past and presents possibilities of western involvement in Afghanistan and the regional theater.


ISPK's Joachim Krause is co-editor of this volume about effective international cooperation. Contributors analyse and discuss possible future avenues of possible effective, multilateral cooperation between international organisations in different policy areas and regions.